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Network Manager in Gnome/Ubuntu helps a lot if you are using dynamic IP (DHCP) with your Ethernet interface, but all of suddens, it becomes an obstracle when a static IP is required on Ethernet. Googling around, I found that we can 1) Remove Network Manager (sudo apt-get remove network-manager). 2) Change /etc/network/interfaces so that your […]

I’ve looked around for a blog client that can suit my needs for some time and eventually I choose Qumana. Why? It is the only cross-platform that work nicely on OS’es I use (Mac, Linux/Ubuntu and Windows ;(). Windows have ‘Live Writer’ which I love but none (that also free) for Mac and even worst […]

Have not yet tried it, but may be useful in the future as I start to use VirtualBox more and more each day. It’s fast, free and with source and sdk available. From this blog: Convert Virtualbox .vdi to VMware .vmdkFebruary 25th, 2008 I love VirtualBox because is fast and without a lot overhead. But […]

I am using Qumana to blog on this but setting it up to use WordPress is not that straight forward. During blog setup, Qumana asks for blog name, if you use straight WordPress blog such as in the name text box, you will eventually having problem with Qumana complaining something about java security […]