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I started using Chrome on Karmic (Ubuntu 9.1) from time to time, primarily to speed up browsing of uncomplicated web sites or to do simple search. Usually I do not like my browser (whatever) to display PDF files, and it was easy with firefox, but not so for Chrome. Especially with Chrome on Karmic which […]

I read from a lot of blogs regarding Google’s Public DNS service and most of the blogs said it is very fast, but, before jumping to the bandwagon, I would like to know how much I can trust these information? So I just follow what the Redmonk compared OpenDNS and Google’s Public DNS by comparing […]

I just upgrade my 10.5 Leopard to 10.6 about a few weeks ago and assumed most functions without problem as it used to be with 10.5. Yesterday I had to use my Macbook Pro to present to one of the customer but, oops, nothing displayed on the projector no matter how I tried, mirror display, […]

I spent a few days playing with Google Wave and everything looked quite good until I would like to try Pictures drag and drop, printing information from Wave document, saving documents editing during Wave session and … All of sudden I found that Wave is not the right answer for my need yet simply because […]

This is my first time trying pixlr – an online image editor from ‘’ – in a more extensive way, and I have to admit that this is a workable solution for those who do not want to have something like GIMP installed. Working with pixlr does not make me feel like an online experience, […]

Eventually I got a GoogleWave account! However, still can not do much as most of my friends and colleagues do not have accounts. In general, for me, interface and other look-and-feel are great but I still finding my way out how to start using it and it looks much different from what I saw from […]