External display problem with Mac OSX after upgrade to Snow Leopard


I just upgrade my 10.5 Leopard to 10.6 about a few weeks ago and assumed most functions without problem as it used to be with 10.5. Yesterday I had to use my Macbook Pro to present to one of the customer but, oops, nothing displayed on the projector no matter how I tried, mirror display, adjust resolution, reboot etc. This Macbook Pro was working flawlessly with 10.5! After 15 minutes or so, the customer decided to let me used his Macbook Pro instead and thing went well. This is a worst embarassment after using Mac for quite a few years!

Not quite convinced that my Macbook Pro is broken, so I look for help from Google. After a few searches, it turns out there others that had the same problem after upgrading to Snow Leopard and the solution is simple:

1) Delete /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist which you can do it either from Terminal or finder.

2) Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.window*, means anything starting with com.apple.window e.g. com.apple.window.182k37l.plist or something similar. To use finder, sart by clicking on your username on the right pane.

3) Zap the PRAM, this usually solve a lot of Mac problem. To zap, turn of the Mac, pressing Command-Option-P-R at the same time while turning on your Mac. Once you here the start up sound, then release these keys, if you continue to press then Mac will redo the zap which should be OK.

After zapping PRAM, now my Macbook Pro can use the external display again, Whew!

Now I remember I used to do this during the time I tried connecting my Hackintosh (Mac OSX on PC) to external display, but that was a bit more complicate. I should not have forgotten that!

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