Chrome with Karmic and PDF Problem


I started using Chrome on Karmic (Ubuntu 9.1) from time to time, primarily to speed up browsing of uncomplicated web sites or to do simple search. Usually I do not like my browser (whatever) to display PDF files, and it was easy with firefox, but not so for Chrome. Especially with Chrome on Karmic which the support for PDF is so bad that it just show a black screen without content. What I did so far was try to avoid clicking on PDF link but today, I did click many of PDF links some how and it was very frustrating! Searching from the ‘net, look like there are many people having the same problem and the best suggestion found was to delete all the ‘’ (except the one resides in firefox-addons if you still would like to display PDF embedded file in Firefox). In my case:

~$ locate
~$ sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
~$ sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
~$ sudo rm /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ 

Now restart Chrome and click on PDF link will just download the PDF instead of opening a black screen!

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