Forticlient SSL VPN Client


I need to access SSL VPN from my home and the remote site happens to use Fortigate, and in many cases you may want to load FortiClient SSL VPN on to your machine prior to access to avoid downloading from the firewall when you do not have time to waste, downloading takes sometime. The problem I have is from Fortinet site, standalone SSL VPN is no longer available, only a bundled version combining both Endpoint security client and SSL VPN client into single executable. When installing the software you have a choice whether to install SSL client or not, you will always have to install Endpoint security. This is absurd especially when all you want is installing SSL client. Assumed you choose to install SSL client, after installation is done then you can choose to remove endpoint security software later, which means the software actually install two separate applications, which also implied that you should be able to unbundle the software into two somehow.

Well, actually you can! If the software you downloaded is call FortiClient_4_0_2.exe and is downloaded into directory called ‘downloads’ then what you will need is to open Command Line prompt, e.g., press ‘windows’ key and run ‘cmd.exe’. From the prompt, change directory to, say ‘downloads’, using

> cd downloads

Then you can unbundle the file using ‘/extract’ option when executing the downloaded file, e.g,

> FortiClient_4_0_2.exe /extract “dir_to_extract” [press Enter]

Now the program will create two executable files in directory called “dir_to_extract”, one is the SSL client and another is the endpoint security. Now you can install the SSL client by simply double click in Windows Explorer as usual.

Or a simpler method is to point your Internet Explorer to the URL of Fortigate SSL address and it will tell you where to download and hope it will be just the SSL client. With this method you will be likely to have the most compatible client software matching the Fortigate SSL VPN server.

Have fun!


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