Writing using IPad


I have been using IPad for about a week now and found it is fascinating especially when using it for web browsing and drawing/sketching/painting. I do not have to carry an overweight notebook just for reading and do not need paper and pen to do sketching, really good experience. However, when time comes to writing text (e.g. Blog) and prepare presentation( via Keynote) I found it really hard, not that the keyboard is small but rather it does not contain many keys e.g. Control ( imaging using bold face or italic characters) and moving between digit and alpha mode is cumbersome especially when writing long text. Having no no use and use only finger also is a pain as controlling accuracy/precision of position, mouse or trackpad is a much better choice. So, IPad is ideal for short notes, email or simple presentation, when things getting more complicate or longer, you will sure need a notebook or at least a wireless keyboard (again, I will still need a mouse!).

Another best thing about IPad is the weight, so I guess I will need to get a Macbook Air some day soon.

Another hope is to have my life less complicate so I can live with just IPad!


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