One of the most corrupted country? Hope NOT!


I have always thought about this and hope things would be better when the next generation steps in, but how can thing change if we still are teaching our kids like this?

I live in Thailand and I know many people in this country hope to see the country moves into a cleaner direction, less corruption and think more of country’s benefits. My hope has been nearly diminished when I heard a colleague mention how he though his son. He was teaching his son about selling and what he taught was: 
When you are out in the field and start selling, the prospects/customers will be one of the three categories: First, ones looking for own direct benefits (he frankly specified bribery, in cash), second, ones looking for in indirect benefits (e.g.   entertaining, escorting etc.) and the last  are those who look for benefits of organization, fame and self satisfaction (in a good way e.g. showing off the talent). The first kind is accounted for 90% of prospects you meet and the last kind is less than 1% in real world. 
Wow, I was stunned when hearing this! If my generation keeps teaching the next generation people like this (fact?), what direction do you think they will believe? I bet when his son starts selling (well, everybody sells something always, at least sell yourself to the boss if you are not in direct selling business), he will think offering or taking dirty money is a norm, and is a second nature of Thai.  And if more people think the same, what will happen to Thailand? I believe that many many people already think corruption is fine as long as it is a small portion of overall country investment (we used to be in the period where no or minimum corruption in a government which led to no investment by government [ to avoid corruption] and eventually everybody suffered), this is already bad enough, if corruption becomes a part of everybody then the county will sure suffer badly. 
Ten years ago, I would expect only government officers (state or state enterprises) or politicians accepting bribes, but today, I start to see employees in large corporation corrupting and I’m depressed to see so. 

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