Timecapsule from Ubuntu


I bought 2GB Apple Time Capsule and started using for a while with my Macbook Pro and Windows notebooks, and now would also like to share files between these notebooks with my new Ubuntu platform. So, I started out with installing Airport Utility (Windows version) in Wine, the software installed successfully but it could not find the Time Capsule. I have a basic idea that Time Capsule is accessible through SMB protocol but never actually know how to set it up, until I read in a Ubuntu forum answered by ytene here which I also copied down below:

I  am sure that there are many ways of accessing the drive, but the one I found to work for me goes something like this.

1. Client Side Software
You need to install the smbfs and smbclient software, to enable your machine to talk the “Server Message Block” [now known as CIFS] protocol. You can either do this via apt-get or Synaptic, as you prefer.

2. Make a Mount Point
Just the usual, really. Go to /media and create a suitable directory to act as a mount point for the remote file system.

cd /media
sudo mkdir capsule

3. Interactive Mount Statement
The one that worked for me goes like this:-

sudo mount.cifs //”Tom Smith’s Time Capsule”/tom /media/capsule -o pass=passw0rd


i. the IP Address is the one that you assign to the Time Capsule using your Apple AirPort Utility on a Mac,
ii. The ‘directory’ name enclosed in double quotes is the name assigned to your Time Capsule when it it set up on the Mac – see how the volume appears listed on a Mac machine to derive this,
iii. /media/capsule is the name of the mount point that you selected,
iv. passw0rd is replaced with whatever password you elected to use during the Airport configuration. Apple give you two options here. You can either use the same password as your Wireless Network password [generally a bad idea] or you can select a different one [obviously much more sensible].

He also very kind to further suggest:

For those of you who are still experimenting with this and would like a version of the mount that is “permanent”, ie something that comes back with each ubuntu reboot, try something similar to this in your /etc/fstab :-

// /media/capsule cifs password=pa55w0rd,rw,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777 ,dir_mode=0777


the IP Address is that assigned to your Time Capsule. The name “Time Capsule” is set on that box. [ I used my Mac Mini to do this].

fred is the name of the top level directory that connections to the Time Capsule link to…

Hope that is a little more helpful to everyone.


Many thanks “ytene”.




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