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This is the first blog entry with my brand new nokia c6 using the keyboard. Frankly I am not impressed at all since the first usage. The keybpard is a bit too small and the label on the keyboard is not that well desiigned which may be because of the thai characters which iis the […]

I bought 2GB Apple Time Capsule and started using for a while with my Macbook Pro and Windows notebooks, and now would also like to share files between these notebooks with my new Ubuntu platform. So, I started out with installing Airport Utility (Windows version) in Wine, the software installed successfully but it could not […]

I know that in Windows there is W32Time that can help synchronizing time with external servers, however, on my netbook with a few OS installed, when switch from another OS to Wiindows, time seems to be messed up. I also know that we can set it to run more frequently than the default. Yet I […]

I recently experienced problem with Ubuntu 10.10, one that I never thought of before. During early last week I was wondering if Gedit could handle/open directory similar to VIM, Emacs and many others, so just called from Terminal  gedit . and it prompted with error, and that made me understand Gedit does not know how […]

I know this is an old news but this is the first time I’ve ever would like to do this, allow users to have PHP scripts installed in user directory (via mod_userdir) [and must be executable by visitors]. Initially I could not have PHP executed until found this forum:  which the valuable reply from patjenk said: […]

Not sure how should I feel to see Thailand back on Arbor Networks’ ATLAS (stand for Active Threat Level Analysis System) which displays global cyberspace threat and accessible for anyone (just for the public pages). Yesterday (9/27/2010) Thailand was ranked at 20, today she is on 12, a fast rising star indeed. Some statistics shows […]

I strongly believe that everybody, yes everybody, has or will meet a great chance once in a life time. That chance may even change your life totally. The problem is how do you know that it is your only great chance, and yes, usually you would not know until one day in your life you […]

I have always thought about this and hope things would be better when the next generation steps in, but how can thing change if we still are teaching our kids like this? I live in Thailand and I know many people in this country hope to see the country moves into a cleaner direction, less […]

I have been using IPad for about a week now and found it is fascinating especially when using it for web browsing and drawing/sketching/painting. I do not have to carry an overweight notebook just for reading and do not need paper and pen to do sketching, really good experience. However, when time comes to writing […]

I need to access SSL VPN from my home and the remote site happens to use Fortigate, and in many cases you may want to load FortiClient SSL VPN on to your machine prior to access to avoid downloading from the firewall when you do not have time to waste, downloading takes sometime. The problem […]